Tips to Successful Campus Involvement

Ronnae Rahming

Bahamas Public School Scholar Recipient 2018

Monroe College Sophomore



Campus involvement is a crucial part of a college student’s life. This part is what will make and break your college experience. Campus involvement would allow you to not only enhance your networking skills but, this would allow you to learn about new cultures, enhance your resume during your time in college as well as it would help you be the best Bahamian Ambassador you can be. As a result of these important benefits, I will give you a few tip on effective Campus Involvement.





Club fairs are the bread and butter to joining clubs, in order to join a club, you must go to club fairs. Normally, the fairs are located in a common or central building that is accessible to all students. Club fairs are important because, they provide you with all necessary information about all clubs available at your school. Club fairs provide you with the club name, meeting time and dates, the club’s advisor, as well as the club’s location. In addition, club fairs have club representative whom would make you feel welcome and educate you about the club by briefing you. Not only do club fairs make you want to join clubs but, they also stimulate your mind to brain storm ideas for new clubs you fell you school needs.


I cannot stress enough the importance of joining all clubs, in college networking is the key to becoming successful. As a result, by joining all clubs on campus, you will be able to find this key and have a successful college experience. Joining all clubs allow you to meet other persons from all over the world. By doing this you get to make connections and build bonds with people as well as become more educated about others and start to accept more things. Moreover, joining all clubs can help you in the long run because, as you make connections you’re opening up doors for help throughout college. For example, not just person in your class, your professor and your college’s tutoring center would help you with homework but, your new friend friends from all the wonderful clubs you’ve joined can help.



After you have gone to the college fair and you’ve joined as many clubs as possible it’s time for the biggest part BE ACTIVE. An active club member is what makes club involvement so much better. An active member consists of being a regular member who has duties as well as an executive member of the club. Being active provides you with the responsibility that won’t just prepare you for your years to come but, it also provides you with recognition as a part of a team and can help you build a name for yourself around your school’s campus.




Putting your best effort and being the best you can be is highly important to successful campus involvement. Not only, is this important to campus involvement it’s important to your country. As active members whether on the executive board or not you must put your all into ensuring that you are making your country proud, after all you are a Bahamian ambassador and with that you must be the best you can be.

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