Tips to Successful Campus Involvement

Ronnae Rahming

Bahamas Public School Scholar Recipient 2018

Monroe College Sophomore



Campus involvement is a crucial part of a college student’s life. This part is what will make and break your college experience. Campus involvement would allow you to not only enhance your networking skills but, this would allow you to learn about new cultures, enhance your resume during your time in college as well as it would help you be the best Bahamian Ambassador you can be. As a result of these important benefits, I will give you a few tip on effective Campus Involvement.





Club fairs are the bread and butter to joining clubs, in order to join a club, you must go to club fairs. Normally, the fairs are located in a common or central building that is accessible to all students. Club fairs are important because, they provide you with all necessary information about all clubs available at your school. Club fairs provide you with the club name, meeting time and dates, the club’s advisor, as well as the club’s location. In addition, club fairs have club representative whom would make you feel welcome and educate you about the club by briefing you. Not only do club fairs make you want to join clubs but, they also stimulate your mind to brain storm ideas for new clubs you fell you school needs.


I cannot stress enough the importance of joining all clubs, in college networking is the key to becoming successful. As a result, by joining all clubs on campus, you will be able to find this key and have a successful college experience. Joining all clubs allow you to meet other persons from all over the world. By doing this you get to make connections and build bonds with people as well as become more educated about others and start to accept more things. Moreover, joining all clubs can help you in the long run because, as you make connections you’re opening up doors for help throughout college. For example, not just person in your class, your professor and your college’s tutoring center would help you with homework but, your new friend friends from all the wonderful clubs you’ve joined can help.



After you have gone to the college fair and you’ve joined as many clubs as possible it’s time for the biggest part BE ACTIVE. An active club member is what makes club involvement so much better. An active member consists of being a regular member who has duties as well as an executive member of the club. Being active provides you with the responsibility that won’t just prepare you for your years to come but, it also provides you with recognition as a part of a team and can help you build a name for yourself around your school’s campus.




Putting your best effort and being the best you can be is highly important to successful campus involvement. Not only, is this important to campus involvement it’s important to your country. As active members whether on the executive board or not you must put your all into ensuring that you are making your country proud, after all you are a Bahamian ambassador and with that you must be the best you can be.

A little about me and my first snow day

Ronnae Rahming

Bahamas Public School Scholar Recipient 2018

Monroe College Sophomore

‘The first snow is like the first love”– LARA BIYUTS

Honestly, I could not even imagine of the day where I would visit New York or even be able to see snow. However, after hard work, strong faith and preparation, I can finally say that I was able to experience those unimaginable events. These events started when became a Bahamas Public School Scholar and I enrolled in Monroe college for the Fall 2018 semester. I came here to successfully
pursue a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management.
This was my first time away from home without family and friends and not to mention the fact that I was in an extremely cold place. I was often scared, due to the fact that I was all alone. As time went by, I made friends and the temperatures started to decrease drastically.
It was like love at first sight as I had seen for the first-time snow in the forecast, it was quite unbelievable at first. However, after reality had checked in, my spirit lit up to the fullest and was filled with anticipation as my First Snow Day was nigh. Everything around me was happening so fast, it finally came the day I was long awaiting, the temperature got lower and slowly the little delicate snowflakes began to fall. Immediately I ran outside in excitement like a kid in a candy store as I was thrilled to touch the snow and play in it. It was like magic as I watched the snowflakes drop from the sky one by one. However, the wind began to intensify, and my excitement slowly departed as I had to go inside, my heart was saddened. My First Snow day also became my first snow storm. As I sat in my room by the window, I watch the little delicate snowflakes cluster together and whirled and tossed in heavy wind. As some of the snowflakes stuck to my window, I was in awe due to the fact that they are very beautiful up-close. Those small bits of precipitation were crafted to perfection by God. After one (1) hour and a half the storm started to ease up. I wasted no time, immediately I went back outside with my roommates and a few of our friends and we had a massive snow ball fight.

5 Tips to a Healthy Student Life (Revised)

This article was written by Darren Butler, a 2018 National Merit Scholar.

In grades eleven and twelve, it seemed like I was doing well, but in reality, I felt utterly lost. I was unsure of the meaningfulness of my recent successes. I wasn’t satisfied with being a student with good grades. I felt there was more to my life than that; I wanted to have a visible impact on my environment. Simultaneously, I was struggling to decide what my career path would be after graduation so I fought between preparing for work I would enjoy and preparing for a career that Bahamian society would deem suitable for a smart and talented person. These anxieties spurred feverish energy in me and I started to do everything on campus to figure out what was right for me. I devoted myself to so many organizations and projects that I no longer did much of anything for myself. I sacrificed sleep to plan for meetings and service projects. I constantly thought about how I could take my organizations to the next level, even if it meant sacrificing sleep, studying, or peace-of-mind. I was coming home late in the evening only pausing for 20 minutes to eat then proceeding to homework, practice, or planning until I couldn’t bear the fatigue anymore. I would regularly just sleep in my uniform. This left me so unhappy that I wasn’t sure what I was working for anymore. If I could travel back in time, I would give myself these five tips so I could live a healthy, productive student life.

Know yourself

Understand your personality, your motivations, your likes, and dislikes so you can construct a productive environment. If you know yourself, you can more easily determine goals and choose appropriate methods for achieving your goals. For example, I established and managed a band in my old school for two years until I graduated because I thought music was the core of my identity, but after much reflection (and even more headache), I realized that I didn’t want a band, I wanted to inspire others to reach their full potential in whatever their passion is. To know yourself better, I recommend taking a personality test. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to yourself because no one can understand you like you.

Man in front of mirror

“I don’t always talk to myself, but when I do… It’s a live conversation.”

Believe in your greatness

Believe that God already put greatness in you and don’t let it be defined by any single activity. I borrow that idea from Denzil Rolle. He was speaking at a workshop I was attending when he gave this message, though I did not understand it as well as I do now. He used the example of playing saxophone, saying that you are not great because you play saxophone well. You make the saxophone great because you put your greatness into it. Similarly, you aren’t great because your grades are good, your grades are good because you put your greatness into it. When you believe in your innate greatness and don’t fool yourself in thinking a certain activity or other people make you great, it’s easier to walk away from harmful situations.

Confident little girl

See, I want to be like her when I grow up.

Know when to quit

When you constantly find yourself in a situation where you’re constantly being disrespected, taken advantage of, or feeling physically and emotionally drained, remove yourself from that environment. You are going to meet people who, intentionally or not, will try to bring you down, especially in the midst of your success. In particular, beware of those who use your determination to succeed to take advantage of you. These people usually express that they want to achieve the same thing as you, but they don’t adopt the appropriate habits to do so. Also, don’t be so determined to reach the goal that you repeatedly let them get away with it. If you believe in your greatness, you’ll realize that you have so much greatness in you that there’s more than one way to reach your goal, or you’ll realize that you can put that goal on hold, and go after something just as good with less stress.

Kermit drinking tea

“You said you could print everything for the project, yet your hands are empty? Interesting…”

Being a student is your job. Take pride in your work.

It doesn’t pay right away, but being a student is your job so you have the right to take pride in your work and take steps to do it as well as possible.

    1. Use a binder for your subjects: Rearrange notes, store and keep track of tests and assignments easily.
    2. Use your planner and always check it. As soon as you get a due date, write it down. I mean it. USE IT.
    3. Pester your teachers for knowledge. The best way to pester your teacher is to constantly be on them for explanations when you don’t understand. Not only does it make your life easier, but they can’t get mad.

Intense studying

Actual footage of the Religious Studies BGCSE #MyHandCrampinTho

Talk with God

Prayer does not have to be long and complicated. Just acknowledging that you need the Lord’s help is a great start.

Proverbs 8:10

We sang it in assembly for a reason. #JustSayin

Honestly, God is the realest friend you’ll ever have and according to the Lord’s Prayer, to have good communication all you have to do is:

  1. Show respect for God in prayer
  2. Show willingness to obey God’s will
  3. Show trust in God
  4. Ask for forgiveness
  5. Ask for protection

Start small with prayers with the first three points and you’re off to a good start. The feeling that someone has your back is reassuring.

With all that said, I leave you with this final message:

I subtracted friends

All the best!

Darren Butler graduated as valedictorian from St. John’s College in 2018. As an advocate of technology for community development, he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He serves as an active member and leader in the National Society of Black Engineers, Students of LinkedIn, and the Bahamas Engineering and Technology Advancement. Darren hopes to be a leader in be Bahamian technology sector and support STEM education in the Bahamas.

LinkedIn: Darren Butler | Twitter: @darrendbutler | Instragram: @darrendbutler


Winter is Here — How Students Can Finish Strong

This article was written by Darren Butler, a 2018 National Merit Scholar.

With the academic year coming to an end, most of us feel like Jon Snow here:

We feel you, Jon. We feel you…

However, we have come too far, completed too many assignments, and consumed too many cups of Starbucks to give up. With that said, let’s talk about how you can finish strong this semester.

Save your brain cells. Ask for help.

Sometimes, we don’t ask for help because we’re too proud or too afraid of wasting someone’s time. However, you have to be strong enough to admit when you’re overwhelmed and believe that your academic goals are important enough for someone to invest time in you. With project deadlines and finals approaching, there’s no time to waste. To alleviate the pressure from time constraints, I suggest visiting professors during their office hours or scheduling appointments, emailing them, seeking tutoring, or asking a friend who’s doing well in the course. If you have trouble speaking with professors here’s a template for asking questions.

I’m having trouble understanding X, can you explain Y, please?

I’ve tried this problem, but my answer is still wrong. Can tell me where I went wrong, please?

I’ve been working on X, can you give me some feedback on Y?

Most importantly, ask for help sooner than later. Professors are more open to helping you when it’s not last minute.

This is your Math final. It is real, and it is coming for you. Be ready.


Get out. Cut the nonessentials.

Checking my schedule, realizing I have three tests next week

We want to be great. We want to conquer. We want to do everything that we set out to do, but life isn’t always like that. Sometimes, we need to cut our losses with a project or activity if it is nonessential to our immediate goals. Here’s an example of how I cut out nonessentials from my schedule this semester. I had been pressured to rejoin some musical activity, so I joined a choir. While it was nice, my schedule was already filled with studying, NSBE events, the 100 Days of Code challenge, volunteering, applying to internships and research programs, research projects, and publishing on LinkedIn. After feeling overwhelmed, I realized I needed to give up something. After much thinking, I decided to let go of choir for several reasons:


  1. It didn’t fit into my immediate goals (maintaining a 3.5, creating a project portfolio, securing a summer internship, etc).
  2. I realized choir was a means of appeasing those who pressured me, not something I innately enjoyed.
  3. I realized that the time I spent in practice was the time I could use to work on my goals or do something to relieve stress.

The main point from this story is that we can’t do everything. Sometimes, we need to get out of activities that lock us in a cycle that prevents us from achieving our most important goals. As the semester comes to an end, remove anything nonessential to prevent burnout and finish the semester strong.

It may be difficult, but the struggle is worth it and the finale is almost here. As long as you ask for help and focus on the essentials, you’ll be fine. You are strong. You are persistent. You will be victorious.

I hope your semester ends this well. ????

Finish strong! ????

Darren Butler graduated as valedictorian from St. John’s College in 2018. As an advocate of technology for community development, he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He serves as an active member and leader in the National Society of Black Engineers, Students of LinkedIn, and the Bahamas Engineering and Technology Advancement. Darren hopes to be a leader in be Bahamian technology sector and support STEM education in the Bahamas.

LinkedIn: Darren Butler | Twitter: @darrendbutler | Instragram: @darrendbutler


Did You Know?

Did you know that if you’re awarded the Teachers Educations Grant you are also paid a monthly stipend?