Angel Culmer 2018 National Merit Recipient 

Angel Culmer 2018 National Merit Recipient 

Angel Culmer 2018 National Merit Recipient 
The University of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Major: Animal Biology

My experiences at The University of Guelph so far, have been unlike any others that I have encountered. Beginning with the first week of school, my days usually consisted of attending general meetings about adjusting to the university lifestyle and trying to locate all of my classes before I had them. As the weeks progressed however, my classes finally commenced and each course load, despite not being heavy, was difficult to keep up with. I refused to let this feeling progress however, so the following days after the commencement of my classes consisted of me attending Student-Led Study groups, to review material that may have baffled me during lectures. This decision has played a pivotal role in my adjustment process, and is one that I can never regret as it has established in me a better understanding of all of my courses.  

This semester, due to my obtainment of one credit in my Advanced Placement Examinations, I had the choice of only taking four classes a total of two credits for the semester, instead of the regular five classes and 2.5 credits. The factor allowed me the chance to focus on all of my core classes such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Calculus, without all of the un-needed stress that an elective would have been sure to evoke.

In regards to the campus, only one word immediately comes to mind, and that is amazing! The University of Guelph is located in the city of Guelph, Ontario, and as such the city seems to be built around the university. A factor which makes all inner-city activities, opportunities and events readily available for any interested students.

The campus is also humongous, in that walking to each individual class becomes a workout in and of itself. Some amenities located on campus include a professional gym, inclusive of numerous studios, where activities like yoga, Pilates, and Zumba classes take place, a swimming pool, a hot tub and about five on-campus dining areas, excluding the numerous ‘pop-up’ diners that are found on campus on a daily basis. Additionally, this Gryphon hub is accompanied by two on-campus Starbucks, a Tim Horton’s, two libraries and numerous sitting and meeting areas for students who need both assistance or just a place to relax.

In regards to my living arrangements, I was lucky enough to receive one of the East Village townhouses, which is the only on-campus living area equipped with air conditioning. The townhouse is very beautiful and consists of three floors: the ground level on which a fully-equipped kitchen and living room is located, the second floor where two rooms and a shared bathroom is located and the third floor (where I reside), which consists of an additional two rooms and another shared bathroom.

My experiences so far have been one-in-a-million, and the people I’ve met have made sure of that, due to their seemingly innate hospitality. Everyone is friendly and extremely helpful and polite, a factor which made me feel instantly at ease with my new arrangements away from home.


With all of my wonderful encounters, I can’t help but to reflect that it was God and The Ministry of Education’s ample investment in myself that has made it all possible. Therefore, I cannot thank everyone that made the decision of me being here enough, because without you, I wouldn’t be on the track of achieving one of my dream careers to become a cardiac veterinarian.

Thank you for animating all of my dreams, by making them into a reality; and I cannot wait to come back to bestow and invest my acquired knowledge and skills for my country’s benefit and progression, just like I promised.

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