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Author: Georgette L. Turnquest 


Ministry of Education Scholarship & Educational Loan Division Opens Online Application Season December 1st, 2018, via new website;


NASSAU, The Bahamas – December 2nd, 2018. The Ministry of Education Scholarship & Educational Loan Division opened its online application portal via scholarshipsbahamas.comThe portal will remain open from December 1st, 2018 to May 31st, 2019. Potential applicants are encouraged to visit the website to learn more about the eleven scholarships offered, the criteria for each scholarship and to begin the online application.

According to the Administrator of the Division, Chilean Burrows, “this year, the Division has begun a dedicated public relations and communications campaign to highlight the scholars and scholarships offered by the Ministry of Education with the primary goal of making more Bahamians throughout the country, aware of the many scholarships the Ministry has to offer.”

In order to meet its goal, the Division has been on the ground in both public and private schools throughout New Providence disseminating information about the scholarships and the application process. In early 2019, Scholarship Officers plan to visit family island schools and will also host evening town hall meetings in the four districts of New Providence.

The Scholarship Division has dedicated its human and financial resources to help connect Bahamian students with access to transformative scholarship opportunities via the Ministry of Education. During the 2017-2018 scholarship cycle, the Division granted 17 million dollars in scholarships to more than 1000 deserving young Bahamians, through partnerships with more than 30 local and international institutions. Included in those numbers were the 162 Public School Scholarship recipients, who began their tertiary level studies at international Colleges and Universities in September, and the 549 Bursary Award recipients who also began studies at the University of The Bahamas this fall. This year, the Division plans to expand its list of partner institutions and bring more exposure to its scholarship awardees and alumni.

The Scholarship Division would like to advise potential applicants to take time when reading the criteria for each scholarship and note each scholarship deadline. It also reminds the public that the application itself will take time to complete and that registration and even completion of the online application, does not guarantee the issuance of a Ministry of Education scholarship.  All applications are subject to the review and approval of the relevant committee and again, are not guaranteed.

For those who plan to attend the University of The Bahamas in the Fall of 2019, please be advised that application for the Bursary Scholarship is a requirement. The attainment of five or more BGCSEs with “C” passes, inclusive of English and mathematics, will not grant an applicant an automatic Bursary Award  if he/she does not apply for admittance to the University of The Bahamas AND ALSO apply for the Bursary Award via the ScholarshipBahamas website.

For more information on the scholarships available or to connect with the Division please visit us in person at our office on Shirley Street or at the Portia Smith Building on the University of the Bahamas campus (Bursary and Teacher Education Grant applicants and scholars only). Applicants may also call us at 242 502 9025; visit us online at or visit us on Facebook or Twitter.



Six UB Students Win Prestigious Canadian Scholarship

Six University of The Bahamas (UB) students have been awarded the coveted Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) scholarship, selected from among more than 90 UB applicants and thousands of candidates across the Caribbean. The ELAP is one of the most sought-after awards in the region.

UB has the highest number of selected scholars for 2018.

The ELAP scholars are Samia Thompson, Elise Barnett, Olivia Forbes, Ketley Brown, DeShae Dean and Ashlee Gardiner whose scholarships include full tuition and university fees, books, airfare, housing, food and health insurance at a value of approximately $25,000 per student for one semester of international study.

Interim Director of Global Studies & Programmes and Assistant Professor of English Studies Dr. Jacob Dyer-Spiegel believes in the transformative impact of global experiences.

“We are so pleased that six brilliant UB students have been awarded one of the Caribbean region’s most prestigious academic scholarship awards. One of the most important functions of an educator and an educational institution is to inspire, motivate, and empower the student community. Embedded in these uplifting pillars is the act of recognizing outstanding academic performance. Indeed, when we as a community see incredible examples of intellectual pursuit, work ethic, community service, and leadership; public acknowledgment allows students to become models for the entire campus, setting the tone for an increasingly global education across the UB system,” Dr. Dyer-Spiegel noted.

UB is building into its academic affairs affording international learning experiences for all students by their third year of matriculation. Provost Dr. Linda Davis and her team are strengthening educational partnerships with top universities around the world.

“Any university without an internationalization strategy will quickly lose ground. In preparing students for a better life in a global society, we believe it is critical to expanding student access to international programmes and experiences. The Emerging Leaders in the Americas Programme for CARICOM member states merges UB’s strategic interest in expanding global partnerships while providing an avenue for students to have an international experience by the third year of their undergraduate programme. We are elated that The Bahamas is now among the most active participants,” Dr. Davis explained.

Currently, the Office of Global Studies and Programmes is developing its inbound study abroad capacity with experiential learning activities and upgrading accommodations and health and safety protocols. This is necessary in order to receive students from abroad at UB’s campuses in New Providence, Grand Bahama, Gerace Research Institute and eventually across the UB system. Additionally, the office is preparing for the next call for ELAP applications, expanding and deepening partnerships to continue exposing students to international educational opportunities.

“Over the next few months, we will grow the number of Canadian partner institutions and leverage pre-existing relationships. Indeed, it is our hope that access to scholarships for international experiences will make enrolment more enticing to prospective students and families who may otherwise look overseas for their full degree programmes. It is our hope that these prospective students and families—through these dynamic partnerships and exchange programmes—will soon understand that they can have a global education right here at UB,” Dr. Dyer-Spiegel explained.



Ms. Elise Barnett, English Studies major, GPA 3.66

Ms. Ketley Brown, Business Administration major with a concentration in Banking and Finance, GPA 3.53

Mr. Othniel Duncombe, Business Administration-Accounting major, GPA 3.56. He will pursue professional activities in The Bahamas this Fall as an ELAP scholar.



Ms. De’Shae Dean, a Business major with a focus on Marketing, GPA 3.55

Ms. Ashlee Gardiner (UB-North), a Biology major with a minor in Chemistry, GPA 3.34

Ms. Samia Thompson, a Psychology major, GPA of 3.55

Ms. Olivia Forbes, Marketing major, GPA 3.45

Health Minister Explains Government’s Concerns Over the Number of UWI Medical Students Receiving Government Scholarships  

By Llonella Gilbert

NASSAU, Bahamas – Minister of Health Dr. the Hon. Duane Sands said there has been tremendous discussion about the government’s decision to raise questions of the 65 first-year medical students presenting themselves for matriculation on the University of the West Indies (UWI) Campuses earlier this year.

“It is important to understand the background. In the early days, the UWI would have had less than five or 10 students per year.  Over time the number crept up slowly and then about seven, eight or nine years ago it exploded,” Dr. Sands explained at the Bahamas Dental Association’s Biennial Scientific Conference held at the Public Hospitals Authority, Friday, November 9, 2018.

He said the Bahamas Government sat by passively with a position that if persons showed up at UWI and were able to be accepted that the government would pay 80 per cent of the fees.

“That translates into an annual subvention in 2018 of roughly $22,000 per person.  There was no such consideration if you went to dental school; there was no such consideration if you wanted to be an optometrist or a podiatrist or a physical therapist or an occupational therapist.  Only if you went to medical school could you assume that there would be a scholarship.”

The Health Minister explained that with the development of UWI, the campuses in Barbados and Trinidad found themselves in a cash crunch and they looked to The Bahamas to make up that cash crunch.

“They have an open door policy for Bahamian students.  Why? Because they knew the Government of The Bahamas, unlike any other government, was going to pay.

“So Bahamian students became the cash flow that they required for fiscal survival.”

He said in the lead up to National Health Insurance, wonderful clinics have been created in Exuma and Abaco with incredible operative facilities and emergency rooms.

However, Dr. Sands noted that most of the equipment cannot be used because there is no auxiliary healthcare staff to take x-rays, do ultrasounds and in many cases there is a single pharmacist, and a number of deficiencies with laboratory technicians and so forth.

“So in 2018 what we have to do is to rethink the paradigm.  Let us plan that The Commonwealth of The Bahamas needs more than medical doctors.

“Let us plan that we are going to meet the manpower needs of the country as it relates to oral health specialists, doctors, eye care, physical therapists, pharmacists, and so forth so that we approach this thing holistically.”

He said the government has no interest in reducing the investment made by the people of The Bahamas.

“When we look at total scholarships provided by the Government of The Bahamas annually of $17 million, half of that goes to the University of the West Indies and the bulk of that goes to medical education.  That cannot be right.”

He added that the Government would also like to partner with the Bahamas Dental Association and get ideas as to how it can provide expertise in to all the islands of the nation.  He said, “I believe we need to go back to the system whereby if you benefit from a $20,000 a year scholarship from the people of The Bahamas, then you should be prepared to provide service to the people of The Bahamas where they need and when they need.”

Govt Signs Memorandum Of Cooperation With Georgia State University

THE Bahamas government has signed a memorandum of coöperation with Georgia State University that will facilitate expanded collaboration between the institution and the Bahamas.

As a part of the agreement, Georgia State University (GSU) is also expected to introduce a tuition waiver policy that would match local scholarships granted to Bahamian students.

The memorandum, which was arranged through the Ministry of Education’s Scholarship and Educational Loans Division over the past year, was signed during a brief ceremony at the Office of the Prime Minister by Education Minister Jeffrey Lloyd and senior representatives of GSU.

According to Mr Lloyd, the general purpose of the memorandum is to formalise various levels of coöperation between the Bahamas government and GSU which will allow both parties to explore and encourage mutually beneficial scientific, technological and educational relations.

“Discussion developed into collaboration and exchange between our two entities, and now we are there to commemorate the birth of an exciting partnership,” Mr Lloyd said Friday.

“As all of us know, the relationship between the Bahamas and the United States is a strong one, vibrant and solid one that dates back hundreds of years.

“There are tens of thousands of Bahamians who live and work and visit and study in the United States, and so our economies are deeply integrated. The ties that bind our two nations extend naturally to our people and our families,” he added.

The memorandum calls for GSU to host the Organisation of American States (OAS) scholarship recipients from the Bahamas at two of its campuses in Atlanta, Georgia.

Additionally, the agreements call for GSU to, with its relationships in sports, research and the field of education, expand its relationship with the Ministry of Education to include human resource courses and capacity development.

Mr Lloyd said human resource and capacity development has been one of the ministry’s priority focus areas over the next four years.

Thirdly, the memorandum will see GSU and the Ministry of Education explore recruitment, retention and graduation co-curriculum and articulation programmes, inclusive of dual degree and graduate programmes.

Moreover, the agreement will allow Bahamian students to take part in Georgia State’s international flagship programmes for global engagement.

Lastly, the agreement articulates GSU’s willingness to offer matching scholarships in the form of out-of-state tuition waivers to Bahamian students, in particular, high achieving, first-generation Bahamian students supported by our own scholarship programmes.

Mr Lloyd also revealed that GSU is particularly keen on providing family island students with opportunities to access tertiary level education, a focus, he said, the Minnis administration views as of the utmost importance, as it “undergirds” the government’s commitment to providing “inclusive and equitable education across the archipelago of our islands.”

#Mr Lloyd said the agreement aligns with areas of the government’s mission to ensure that qualified Bahamian students are connected with transformative scholarship opportunities and resources that will enable the pursuit of tertiary level education, resulting in globally competitive citizens who are nation builders.

GSU associate provost for International initiatives, Dr Wolfgang Schlor, who spearheaded the institution’s efforts Friday, said the memorandum marks a new chapter in the relationship between GSU and the Bahamas.

“I believe we have a lot to offer to your students,” he said.

“This memorandum of cooperation builds on a strong legacy of previous partnerships and collaboration between Georgia State University and the Bahamas. We have, for a long-time, received students from the Bahamas at Georgia State University,” he added.


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