Do I have to apply to UB to be accepted for this award?

Yes, you must complete the UB application in February and be accepted into the school, and then apply for the Bursary award via this website. Failure to apply will mean failure to receive this award.

Does the Bursary cover books?

No, the Bursary does not cover books.  The Bursary covers tuition and all fees related your study at the University of The Bahamas to a maximum of two thousand, five hundred dollars.

I don’t have my BGCSE results yet. Can I still apply?

You should still apply for the Bursary even if you do not have your BGCSE results as yet.  You should bring your BGCSE results as soon as they become available to complete your scholarship process.

Is the Bursary a Loan?

No, the Bursary is not a loan.  It is a scholarship that requires no funds to be repaid.

Did You Know?

Did you know that the National Tuition Assistance is available for studies online?